Monday, February 8, 2010

A Little Story About Life in Paris

Saturday morning started with big plans for the day. The house was cleaned, Jonathan was being the ever so loving husband he is and agreed to watch the kids, and I was headed to Ikea to buy crib bedding plus a few little odds and ends. Little did I know what awaited me.

Walked out to a beautiful day with a light jacket and a sandwich in tow. Sauntered down to the train stop, through the terminal and on the first train to Ikea. Not a problem. It was early and the trains weren't busy. Now to hop off at Invalides and onto the RER C line. Hooray! My train is here with no wait; what great timing. Find a good seat, pull out my sandwich, begin munching, and think about how happy I am that everything is going so smoothly. Then the RER security comes along to check tickets. Not a problem, here's my pass! What? I'm on the wrong train, my stop was passed, and I have to pay a fine for going over the zones!!!!!????? This is crazy. Pay the fine, talk to the guy and find out where I can turn around, watch him feel guilty when he see's me get up with my big 7 months pregnant belly, call Jonathan to cry and let on about how "dumb" I feel at this point, hang up and find my turn around point. Finally, the train arrives at the right stop, and all is well. Can now get on the bus that will take me the rest of the way. Ok, maybe things will turn around now. Thinking happily about the baby bedding. Hop off the bus and into the outdoor shopping area. Won't it be nice to have baby bedding at such a good price and that matches the other kid's bed spreads? 10 feet from Ikea. Almost there....but wait, seriously? The sign read (in French) "due to a strike Ikea will not be open today". Did I really travel an hour and a half to have this happen? My legs are cramping, my head is pounding and now what do I do? But it's not finished yet, what's this? Rain! Oh the classic, winter, Parisian weather. Now to go find shelter because I forgot my umbrella. Wander in and out of a few shops and then head back to the bus stop in the rain with my scarf over my head. Hop of the bus to get to the RER and step in dog droppings. Is it seriously in the middle of the road? Gross, gross, gross! Off and on the RER and Metro with no problem. Back home feeling exhausted and very "beaten". Jonathan provides much needed hugs and a kebab from our local sandwich shop (seriously not healthy, but great protein!) And God provides much needed peace and calmness after some prayer time.

The rest of the day continues with a wonderful play date for Claire and a great time playing with the kids.

No, not every day is like this, but it does exist. Even with the annoying RER's, the strikes, the dog droppings (that are everywhere, but usually on the side of the road), and the dreary rain, this has become home and I love it! There are some days I long for a 5 minute car ride to Target, but this is an amazing adventure God has put us in and adventures wouldn't be the same without a few.......well, let's call them "inconveniences" and some good old fashioned lessons in patience.

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  1. IKEA is a royal pain for us to get too, as well. Three buses and a very dangerous street to cross. No sidewalk. No pedestrian crossing lane. Cars zoom around the corner. It's a kamakazi mission for low prices! And we usually leave the place after dark!! Ai yai yai! I have begun calling IKEA "the four-letter word." lol - I hope all goes well next time you go!