Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Language Mountains...or Maybe Just Hills

In language learning there is never a sequence of continual progression (at least that I can see). It involves a series of hills, valleys, mountains, and peaks. These can be experienced within in close succession (within one week) or a little farther a part (within one month). This week was the first for me.

It started off with a very successful trip to the post office. I asked what I needed and how to get it the cheapest way without any stuttering and saying my sentences very smoothly. He understood everything (except for mixing up 2 stamps for 12 stamps. oops). I was feeling very proud of myself and then continued on to a successful grocery shopping trip. This was my hill top. Now unless you suppose I am bragging, let me tell you about the next day and my little valley. While picking Claire up from Maternelle, one of the other mothers (whom I have been trying to have a conversation with for a while) spoke to me. However, it was just "one of those days" and I could only understand about half of what she was saying. Needless to say, my half of the conversation was filled in with 2 and 3 word sentences. At least the door is opened for more conversations now. Then my valley decided to dip deeper and I went to class where we reviewed a verb tense that I thought I knew fairly well. This is a new teacher that I have, and her teaching style is hard for me to follow. I ended up leaving more confused with the tense when I left the classroom.

Now we shall see if the week ends on a valley, a hill, or a mountain. Where it will land, nobody knows! Well, not "nobody". God knows exactly where my language will be at the end of the week, and I'm so happy for that.

Now off to study my subjunctif......que je sois, que tu sois, qu'il soit, que nous soyons..........

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