Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Child's Excitement

I'm not going to lie, being in a new country with two toddlers is a challenge! Over here finding an elevator or escalator in a metro stop is a rarity. We usually take 50 or more stair steps to get to the train all while holding Claire's hand and carrying the stroller (with Matthew in it). Taking the kiddos to the store is also a challenge. The isles are much smaller which means I only take my single stroller. Also, because they are smaller the kids can pull things off the shelf much easier. A whole new world has opened to them! Needless to say it's difficult and culture shock is setting in.

This last weekend I experienced a lot of frustration with the above mentioned "challenges", but I realized something important yesterday. This time is hard, yet it can be so exciting too! My daughter reminded me of this the other day when we saw the Eiffel Tower on the way to the grocery store. She loudly proclaimed, "Look, Mommy, I see the Eiffel Tower! It's really big. I like it!" And this morning while ridding the metro she was quite excited that we got to ride a train! There are many more...
  • "Look at that fountain, Mommy."
  • "Look at the little doggies, Mommy."
  • "I like my new bunk bed. It's pretty cool."
  • "I know what pink is in French, Mommy. It's rose!"
  • "What is that place?"(to every shop she sees).

Claire (and Matthew) help me see things on a simpler level. Sometimes I can get so worried and involved with what I think is important that I forget to slow down and see all the wonderful things around me. God created an amazing world. What a shame it would be to let my frustrated feelings get in the way of seeing the adventure we are on. I've decided to let my children be my "tourist guides" this week. Who knows what fun exciting things I might find. I'll let you know at the end of the week!

(And who needs a gym when they can carry a 30 pound baby up a flight of stairs several times a week.) :)

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