Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Time to Celebrate!

We had a big weekend of celebrating. Micah turned 1 year old on Thursday, and we then had a weekend of celebrating the Lord's death and resurrection. I've placed some photos below to describe all of our celebrations!

Birthday Boy!
One year ago I was recovering from the easiest birth I have had of my three and enjoying my newborn son. This weekend we celebrated the year of life that God has given him. Thank you God for our beautiful little boy!
Interesting facts about Micah:
  • He is by far the most extroverted person in our family. Although he still wants mommy more than others, he really has no fear around others and loves having a lot of people in the room.
  • Micah has a stuffed animal that he must sleep with every night. In French it is called a doudou, and he knows it by that name. :)
  • He loves playing with his brother and sister, and they are very patient with him. When playing they include him in their imaginary stories by calling him "The Giant Baby".
  • Micah currently has 5 teeth. The poor child gets every symptom in the book when teething, so every couple of months he gets miserable for a week or so.
  • Micah looks and acts much like his older sister did when she was his age, but he is more outgoing than her.
  • Micah loves balls, but really does not like playing consistently with any other toy. He would rather climb or be with people.
  • Speaking of balls, the word ball was his third word. He said dada first and then mama. He also understands some phrases better in French than in English.
  • All of my children are in the upper percentiles until they are two. However, Micah is my tallest baby by far! Clothing that Matthew was wearing between 15-18 months he is wearing at 12 months.
  • Micah loves carrots, apples, strawberries, and broccoli.
  • He does not care to try to walk. He stands by himself often. However, he really doesn't even want to practice with us. I don't mind at all! He'll walk when he's ready.
  • However, he speed crawls. Seriously, he is the fastest crawling baby I have ever seen. He starts at one end of a room, puts his head down, and mows through everything in his path all while groaning like a motor.
For his birthday we went to McDonalds and got him his first happy meal. The next day we went swimming and on Sunday we had birthday cake with the folks at church. His big birthday bash will be in a couple of weeks.

On our way to McDonalds.

Resurrection Day!
Explaining the simplicity of the gospel to our children this year has once again reminded me of the amazing sacrifice and gift that God gave to a sinner like me. It has been wonderful answering the questions they have asked. Claire has taken to heart that Christ forgave the soldiers who nailed Him to the cross, and that He forgives us when we sin against Him also. And Matthew is beginning to understand that it was for him that Christ died. This was also Micah's first Easter. Last year he was two weeks away from his birthdate (Is Easter super late this year?). Here are some of the pictures from our Easter fun in the park.

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