Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thoughts on Prayer II

In the last post I talked about the amazing privilege of communicating to God through prayer. However, it doesn't end there. God actually answers prayer! Since moving to France I have been challenged to find those ways that God answers prayer. Sometimes it isn't as obvious as I think it should be, but it is always perfect!

Answers to prayer and some little "extras" that God threw in:

1 Our visas were applied for and received within 6 days!

2 A temporary apartment in France opened up for us in the exact period we needed.

3 After 2 days of looking God basically handed over an amazing apartment.

4 Our support level isn't at 100% but we have received two new partners since moving.

5 I was worried about meeting other young mothers. Mothers over here usually tend to be 30-35 or older. This isn't bad, but it does help to have somebody my age. I have found that there is another young mother in this building, and am hoping to introduce myself to her this week!

6 We found night courses starting in September for my language study. This way I can add to my personal tutoring and still be at home with the kids most of the time!

7 Shopping has all of the sudden become "normal" this week. It doesn't feel so strange to shop more than once a week or go to so many different stores. Praise the Lord! A couple of weeks ago it was driving me crazy.

8 All of our Carte de Sejour appointments have gone so smoothly. It's been little things like Matthew sleeping through the appointment to getting some really nice people to work with us. You never know what you are going to get in government offices. If you want to compare this process to something in the states, think about going to the DMV 3 to 4 times in a matter of 3 months, and then not knowing the language on top of it. Fun!!! :)

9 The kids are starting to catch onto some language despite our lack of language skills.

10 We moved to an area with only a 10 minute walk from a Lidl. Lidl is the French equivalent of an Aldi and it helps us keeps on track with our budget! Yay!

11 15 minutes away is an amazing park with lots of grass (green can be hard to find) and plenty of fountains. It even has fountains the kids can play in during the summer!

12 Our entire team will be on the field August 2. It has been a long road, but God's timing has been amazing!

13 Our teammates had been told that they must have their children enrolled in French school before they could get their visas. However, this is impossible because you must reside in France before you can enroll in school. In order to reside in France you must have your visa. Thankfully, another Avant couple in the area were able to get a provisional acceptance for them at a private school. It was amazing to see God work out the details!

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